Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy
While each individual's motivation for help may differ, many times people seek out therapy when:

*They desire change in how they are currently living.
*Are stuck in unsatisfying/unhealthy patterns.
*Struggling within their relationships.
*Feeling empty or without purpose.
*Overwhelmed with anxiety, sadness, or anger.

I am a firm believer that we are all experts of our own lives.
My goal is to help you access that power, develop a deeper understanding of yourself,
and work by your side & teach you how to grow, heal, and make changes.

How individual therapy can help you:
* Increase awareness of who you are and what you want
* Understand your triggers, reactions, and patterns
* Help you communicate your needs & create boundaries
* Cultivate a strong sense of self worth and resilience
* Find fulfillment in your life and surrounding relationships
* Manage anxiety, stress, and negative thinking/beliefs
*Develop healthier and stronger relationships

What I need from you as a client :
*The understanding that therapy is a process. I do not fix people, I teach them ways to heal themselves.
*The willingness to commit to the work we do together. 90% of the work in therapy is outside of the room.

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Client testimonials:
"Seeing Tory has been an incredible asset to my success. I was able to implement a job change that I was absolutely dreading, and have worked on ways to relax, trust myself more, and enjoy life. I highly recommend sessions with her" J.P. (NYC)

"I had been seeing another therapist for about 7 years prior. Although she was lovely, I felt stuck and due to a recent break up, fell into a hole of a depression. A family friend recommended Tory, and upon meeting her I had a different hope of glimmer that I did not have previously. She really helped me understand my depression from a medical point of view, while teaching me vital skills to grow. The best part about meeting with her is HER! Her warmth, humor, and true care for her clients is refreshing. She is a lovely person, and a fabulous clinician."
S.O. (Westchester, NY)

"I recommend Tory with my whole heart. Her therapeutic skills have helped me pave a new way of living." M.S. (Larchmont, NY)

"My favorite thing about working with Tory is that she is so real. She doesn't try to tell you how to live your life, and she doesn't preach perfection, she gets in the trenches with you and helps you figure out how embrace life. I would absolutely recommend her. Thanks for all your incredible guidance!" PS (Pelham, NY)

"Tory is such a pleasure to see. She always makes me feel comfortable, but doesn't let me stay in my comfort zone. She always makes me feel supported, while teaching me how to support myself. She is really helpful with my relationship even with my husband not in sessions. I would say you are very lucky to work with her"
M.K. (White Plains, NY)

"Since seeing Tory I have made a lot of changes in my life. A shift in my marriage and career came all at once. Throughout it all, my ability to navigate through was guided skillfully and compassionately with Tory. She has a lot of knowledge, fantastic insight, and provides tools outside of the therapy room to really learn new skills." J.S. (Larchmont, NY)

"Tory is by far the most talented therapist I have ever come across. I have been in therapy before, and sessions with her are effortless, informative, helpful, and quite honestly life changing." R.Y. (NYC)

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