Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

"Connection is the energy between two people when they feel seen, heard, and valued"

While all couples have their unique motivation for therapy, they often seek help when:
*Frustration or hopelessness are overwhelming the relationship
*Struggling with communication
*Trust is breaking down or no longer exists
*Repeated fights & destructive patterns
*Feeling disconnected or loss of intimacy
*Life transitions such as marriage, having a baby, or career change

I also see couples who are fundamentally strong that are facing a specific issue or pattern that they would like guidance with.

Here is how couples sessions can help:
* Identify and shift negative interaction patterns
* Develop effective communication
* Stop blaming & end the power struggles
* Gain a deeper understanding of each other
* Increase emotional and physical intimacy
* Reinvigorate passion and connection
* Repair trust and healing after a betrayal
* Use the relationship as a tool for healing and growth
* Work together to end a relationship on good terms

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Client Testimonials:
"Tory will be the first one to say it - when we started couples therapy, I was very skeptical! Ha. My girlfriend and I were in a really dark place, and I had some issues I needed to really work on before we could move forward. Right from the start I felt like she really understood why I was so hesitant. She never tried to convince me, and was really encouraging about me being open and honest. Months later my girlfriend and I communicate so much better. She stopped holding things in, and I really worked hard on my temper. This has helped us deal with issues both in session, and at home. Tory is a great therapist and easy to relate to and work with". T.L. Mamaroneck, NY

"My fiance and I were engaged to be married in five months, and were fighting non stop. We decided to try couples therapy to see if it could help us resolve our issues. It seemed like every time we would leave her office, we just felt relief because it was the first time we were actually communicating. She really helped us understand what was going on between us, and never told either one of us we were right or wrong. She had us focus on ourselves, and work on changing the pattern we had of fighting, blowing eachother off, and just forgetting about it. Sessions are really helpful, and she has taught me personally a lot about relationships. As we are getting closer to our wedding date, we are both feeling much more confident and happier. I also enjoyed the fact that she was young, and down to earth. I would definitely recommend her." J.F. Bronx, NY

"After several years of marriage, our relationship just changed. The greatest thing about our sessions with Tory is she listened to us when we told her we really were ready to do whatever it took to move forward. Both my wife and I have already been to therapy, and we really did not want to waste time going too deep into our past. Tory really helped us learn about why the more intimate areas in our relationship had changed, and was focused on the present. She was really easy to talk to, especially about such a hard topic. Although working on things is still in progress, my wife and I are slowly rekindling a lot of the lost intimacy back. She is a highly skilled couples therapist."
S.D. Mamaroneck, NY.

"Tory taught us effective ways to communicate, which have really helped us. We have always had a lot of trust issues in the relationship, and many of them have gotten better."
P.R. Larchmont, NY.

"We both found Tory to be excellent at her craft. She was always fair, and really taught us how to shift some major areas in our relationship. Tory pointed out some of the areas that I needed to work on personally in order to help the relationship to become a success. It feels like we are finally in a place where we are enjoying each other again."
S.T. New Rochelle, NY.

"I contacted Tory after I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me. I didn't know if the relationship could be saved, and wasn't even sure it was what I wanted. Through couples sessions we began to work through the cheating, but more importantly all of the things that led up to it. I wish we had started sessions before, but am so happy we found her to work through this."

"My fiance and I saw Tory for about 6 months. We were preparing for our first baby, and were managing some difficulties with our families. We both wanted to be able to talk about these hard topics, and set boundaries with our family with the baby coming. Tory was always really kind and compassionate, yet firm and direct. She was able to give us honest pointers, and held us accountable with our goals. I would say we are on the same page now, and feel much more comfortable communicating and setting boundaries. Thanks for everything Tory!" J.S (Bronx)

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