Coaching Sessions

    Coaching is oriented towards the present and the future. In the coaching process, there will be time spent exploring the past, events, and challenges that have created barriers for you. Yet, the work will be present and future focused. When you are considering coaching, it is best that you have done some inner work already so that you can bring this awareness to your sessions.

    We have found our approach to be highly successful in helping our clients gain ownership of their behaviors, create motivation towards growth, and become their true selves.

Coaching can help:

  • High functioning individuals who feel stuck in a certain area in life.
  • Those who have done some inner work but are struggling to put it in practice.
  • People who want to build a skill set around a new job, relationship, or life transition.
  • Individuals who are ready to take action .
  • Those who want the accountability and support to keep moving forward.
  • Increase resiliency, effort, and motivation.

Coaching is available to:

  • Parents looking to work on their parenting style.
  • Individuals managing a transition, new career, or are searching for their purpose.
  • Psychotherapists who want to create a thriving, authentic practice.
  • Those who are looking to learn a skill set around dating, relationships, and marriage.

Coaching sessions are available in person or via Zoom.

Coaching Testimonials:

"I found Tory through her tremendous work on Instagram, and immediately knew we would be a good fit. Sessions with her have changed how I function in relationships. I cannot recommend her enough. She is also such a joy to chat with weekly" M.P.

"What I liked and desperately needed about Tory's coaching approach, is getting right into the work. She was honest, compassionate, and would provide me with a ton of tools to manage the new parts of myself I was discovering." F.G.

"Can I rave about Tory anymore than I already do? She is the best at what she does. She understands the complexity of relationships but has the ability to break it down to relatable, digestable, and understandable concepts. We laugh, we get deep, we get real, and her compassion for this work and her clients shines above all" T.L.

Coaching in Mamaroneck NY and NYC