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Interracial Couple

Meet Us

Meet Tory L. Eletto, LMFT, CDWF

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

I am an expert in:
*Couple & family dynamics
*Anxiety & Depression
*Brené Brown’s shame resilience theory

Although I am an expert, I am NOT the expert of you.
I have a lot of training and experience but I believe we are all the experts of ourselves.
Our team collaboration is a catalyst to help you overcome the challenges you are facing.
My job is to help you find your power to get to know yourself better, create change, and heal. 

We thrive in connection.
I truly value creating a warm, non-judgmental environment with anyone I work with.
My goal is for you to feel heard, safe, and valued.

The authentic relationships I build with my clients help aid in the work we do together.

We are a product of our systems. 
I believe we must understand how the systems, roles, and relationships in our lives affect who we are.
I help my clients make vital connections but this looks very different from blame.
Blame keeps us stuck, bitter, and blocks us from owning our lives.
Connection leads to growth.

I promote empowerment & resilience. 
The starting point is understanding who we are, why we do the things we do, and what emotions come up in the process. This can help us slow down, and find our power to create change.
My work in empowerment involves intuition, compassion, optimism, and true collaboration.
I am straightforward and encouraging without false praise or pressure.

I believe in developing a growth mindset. 
Self-compassion allows us to look at ourselves openly & honestly.
When we are able to become aware without judgement, we are able to become accountable. Patterns emerge and help us identify old ways of functioning that no longer serve you. This is where the magic happens.

Sometimes it takes all the energy you have just show up. 
Therapy can be both empowering and frightening at the same exact time. Growth always comes with discomfort. My room becomes your safe haven to explore, challenge yourself, and celebrate your victories.
I genuinely look forward to working with you!


My experience and training:

Prior to opening up my own private practice, I worked and trained in several different settings to gain a variety of expertise.
These include:
Head clinician and clinical director through Family Services of Westchester in Mount Vernon School District. 

Psychotherapist in an out patient therapy unit through The Guidance Center with adolescents and adults.
Substance Abuse counselor & Individual Therapist for adolescents and adults at TriCenter in NYC.

Couples & Family Therapist at Metropolitan Marriage and Family Therapy in NYC.

I am a writer and have been published in:
Women's Health Magazine, Westchester Magazine, Goodtherapy.org, Shape.com, and Girlsguideto.com.
I am a speaker on topics related to parenting, relationships, anxiety, and self esteem. 

Training & Certifications:
 I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of New York, and a Clinical Fellow.
I have extensive training in family systems theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, Imago,
solution focused, narrative, strategic, and mindfulness techniques.
I am a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator after training with Brene Brown and her amazing team.

Memberships and Affiliations: 
Past President of the Westchester Marriage and Family Therapist Chapter
Member of the AAMFT and PSHCHI.


Serving clients in Mamaroneck NY, greater Westchester County NY and New York City.