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Interracial Couple

Family Therapy

"Give the ones you love wings to fly & roots to come back"

Our family is where we first learn about connection, communication, and trust.
Finding the balance between connection and autonomy is tough to navigate for both parents and children. 

Parents tend to seek out therapy for their children when:
*They are noticing difficulties in school
*Social challenges with peers
*Struggling with anxiety or anger
*Self esteem issues
*Concern with their choices and behavior

When working with children and teens I thrive in using a systemic approach.
I work with children to get a full comprehension of their needs while working to develop skills.

The work with parents involves learning how to support their child's growth at home.

My goal is to help teach families how to create healing and change within their own homes. 
Parenting/Family sessions are suggested when there are transitions in the family,
connection issues, behavior challenges, and communication problems

Here is how therapy can help your family:
* Open up communication with you and your child
* Teach you effective ways to manage behavior challenges
* Increase your child's self esteem and resilience
* Help your child gain accountability and self awareness
* Develop healthy ways of coping with anxiety and frustration
* Explore their identity, choices, and social skills
* Explore boundaries, trust, and healing after a family transition


What I need from you as a client:
*The understanding that therapy is a process. I do not fix children, I teach the entire family ways to heal themselves.
*The willingness to commit to the work we do together. 
*Openess to feedback for parents on ways to work with their children's issues in a productive way.

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Client Testimonials:

"Family sessions are what changed the course of therapy for us. My son was seeing a therapist before Tory, and we just weren't seeing results. They recommended he see a psychiatrist, so we decided to seek help elsewhere. We stumbled upon her website and inquired about famiy sessions. The whole family went which was a new thing, and it shifted so much for my son. We were all in there, working on ourselves, and this was a great example for him. Tory pointed out that this is frequently the case as it is easier to embrace help when you are not the only singled out as the problem. Some sessions were challenging, but it finally gave my son the chance to discuss some real issues he was having with us. What was the best part was when he walked into my room after a session, and just hugged me. The family sessions have really helped us all come together as a family." M.P. Bronx, NY.

"While my oldest daughter was seeing Tory individually, she highly recommended family sessions. We started working with her and realized how a lot of the interactions in the house were effecting both of our daughters. It seemed like we were really able to work through some major conflicts at home, and I don't know if that would have worked so well without the family sessions added." R.G. Larchmont, NY.

"When I reached out to Tory, I described what was going on with my son. He was having severe mood swings, and her behavior was completely out of control. Tory was the first therapist I worked with that asked me how my husband and I were working as co-parents in order to help him. This wasn't even considered before. She suggested both my husband and I to come to sessions with our son, and split the time. It was during those sessions that I realized how us being on different pages impacted the consistency that my son needed. At the same time she worked well with him on his end of the struggles. It really felt like she tackled all ends of the challenge we were facing" S.P. Anonymous, NY.

"Tory is very skilled at family dynamics & issues. She has allowed my son to have more of a voice, at home and in school, and has helped us step back so that he could begin to manage his own anxiety. We are really impressed with all the work she has done with our son, and for our entire family." B.W. Larchmontm NY

"My favorite part about doing family sessions with Tory is that she was so upbeat, patient, and really helped me calm down and restore faith. I can be an incredibly anxious parent, and with that said, she was always able to bring back to the work we needed to do in order to get my family on track." K.O. Pelham, NY.

"I thank you so much for all of your tremendous help with my daughter. You really helped her believe in herself, and gain her self esteem back. I also thank you for helping bridge our relationship." S.G. New Rochelle, NY


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